Why should I use this service?
The system was invented to simplify traders’ life and help people make money without actuating trading themselves. We enable our subscribers to copy the trades of the master account without the need of manual supervision. We only have the right to execute trades on your trading account. We will never have direct access to your funds. If you’re not happy with our results, simply change the password to your MT4 account and our trades won't be copied to your account anymore.

Who is this for?
Whether you're a professional investor or new to investing if you're looking to diversify your investments or just looking to enter the market for the first time. Our service is for everyone!

How does it work?
When you subscribe to our trading system, it will be automatically synced with your connected MT4 trading account, and every order will be replicated in your trading account according to your risk setting. It is an automated system, there's no need for manual supervision.

How do I get started?
Go to IC Markets and register a new account using our IB code: 26369. Verify and deposit to your trading account. Complete our registration form here. Our price is $39 a month which includes VPS as well. There are no hidden fees. This registration process usually takes 1 day.

Are the results verified?
Our results are taken directly from the broker's trading account and verified by Myfxbook, an independent analytical tool.

Will I get the same result as you?
Due to the nature of forex trading, slippage between our master account and your trading account can occur. This can cause differences in your opening and closing positions, and it can result in lower profit. We use cutting-edge API copying technology to ensure the best possible copying service. Unfortunately, we do not have any control over slippage as it is broker-related.

Are there any spread markups or hidden costs?
There are no hidden costs or spread markups. We only charge a $39 monthly service fee for operating your account.

Do I need to keep my trading account open?
NCM Signal is a completely standalone service. You do not need to keep your trading account open or install anything on your computer. Your MT4 terminal is connected 24/5 on our servers.

Why should I provide my master password?
To copy the trades to your account, we need to configure it on our server. The investor password is not suitable for opening and closing positions, so we need your master password to do that. With a master password, we won't have access to your funds; we only have trading privileges on it.

Can I run my account on a different computer with the same password?
Yes, you can. Nor IC Markets nor other brokers limit the maximum instance of logins to your account simultaneously.

Can I run another strategy on the same account?
Yes, you can. It won't interfere with our strategy, but please keep in mind that if you use the same account, having a drawdown simultaneously in both strategies exposes your risk of losing.

Can I use an EA on the same account on a different computer?
Yes, you can. The same rules apply to the question above.

Can I use your service with a demo account?
Unfortunately, we do not support demo accounts. You need to use a live account to use our service.

Is it an EA or manual trading?
The base of our system is our EA. Mostly it is automated, but we may manually override its settings.

When do you trade?
We trade from Monday to Thursday in the Asian session. Expect one trade daily. We do not trade on Friday and don't carry trades over the weekend.

How does your trading system work?
The strategy is a combination of 3 EAs and manual supervision. The first EA is responsible for the opening of the position according to the market direction. This EA only looks for a good entry and opens a position in the right direction. This is the backbone of the trading account as it has an 81% success rate.

Do you have a backtest?
We don't do backtests with our strategy because it is not a fully automated system. We have 8 years of history with this pair, and we have observed how the price goes. The EA has fixed rules, but we manually override it depending on the market situation so a backtest wouldn't give us a true result without our manual control.

Do you use stop loss?
No, we don’t use a stop loss. We use grid and martingale trading to exit from trades that go in the wrong direction. Although grid trading comes with some risk by nature, it is a great tool if handled correctly.

What is the maximum drawdown?
Everyone can set their own maximum drawdown during and after the registration. Our working drawdown most of the time is very low, but we had 35% in 2018 and a few times around 15-20%. In case it goes higher the personally set DD limit comes into play.

Do you have a hard stop?
No, we don’t have. Since we let everyone set their own drawdown limit it would make it hard to set a hard stop for our account.

What is your exit strategy when a trade goes against your will?
If the initial positions go negative and another position or positions are opened, then we don’t aim for profit. As soon as the sum of the trades reaches zero loss, we close them.

What maximum drawdown should I use?
It is up to everyone's taste. A large part of our subscribers leave it intact and go with the master account's settings, while many subscribers set it to a lower. It is a question of risk appetite, but everyone can set their own limit and change anytime they wish. Please note that changes made during an open trade will be applied once position is closed.

What is the maximum number of open positions at a time?
We usually have one trade at a time. If the market goes against our position, our system opens additional positions to get out of the trades as soon as possible. There is no fixed limit regarding the number of open trades.

Do you carry trades over the weekend?
There are no trades carried over the weekend.

Do you trade during news?
We don't trade on news. In fact, we only trade in the Asian session when there is no news related to GBPCAD.

Can I set my own copy ratio?
Yes, you can. This can also be set during the registration and after that. The allowed value is between 0-200% of our master account. A value of 100 means you're getting the same risk ratio as our master account. For example, if you set 200, it means that you get 2x the profit of the master account.

Why Myfxbook shows a lower drawdown than Forex Peace Army?
Although Myfxbook is a great statistical tool, it is also known for not correctly displaying maximum drawdown on the monitored accounts. Forex Peace Army’s monitoring is more exact in this term.

Can I buy your EA?
We do not sell our EA. You can copy all our trades for a monthly price. Please see our Subscribe page for more information.

Which payment methods do you accept?
We accept PayPal - the most commonly used and safest online payment processor.

Do you offer a free trial?
Sometimes we have a free trial promotion. If you want to get updated, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter here.

How do I adjust the risk?
When you subscribe, you can change the risk multiplier value. A multiplier of value 100 means you're getting the same risk ratio as our master account. You can also define the maximum drawdown you wish to take. If you were to choose 50%, then we'll make sure that your equity won't go beyond 50% of your overall balance. Reaching this limit would trigger this to close all trades related to our signal.

Can I adjust the risk later?
Yes, you can control your risk anytime you wish on your Risk Setting page. The registration email contains your login details.

Can I use a risk higher than 200%?
Our maximum risk is 200% which our clients can use. We do not allow you to set your risk above 200%.

Why can't I set a lower drawdown limit?
With a risk setting of 100%, you can choose from a 30% to 100% maximum drawdown limit. But if you choose a higher risk setting, the drawdown limit's minimum value will change accordingly. For example, if you set a 200% risk setting, then the minimum available drawdown limit is 60%. If you wish to use a lower drawdown limit, lower your risk setting.

Do I need to register an IC Markets account under your IB?
We only accept new IB registrations. We do not accept IB changes on existing accounts. If you already have an account, you can open a new one under our IB with a different e-mail address. IC Markets allows users to have multiple accounts.

Can I use my existing IC Markets account?
No, you need to open a new account under our IB at IC Markets.

Why are some IC Markets servers missing in the registration?
If servers are missing, then it is probably temporary. IC Markets regularly add additional servers to their pool, and for a few days, we may not update the list yet. If you see it, feel free to let us know!

What account should I open at IC Markets?
We require a Raw Spread account with 1:500 leverage.

Can I use different base currencies?
You can choose from several base currencies when you create your trading account at IC Markets. Our EA will automatically calculate the ratio based on your currency and our master account's currency.

Do I have access to the VPS service provided?
Our hosting is not an accessible VPS. We set up your MT4 on our server and copy our trades to ensure the fastest execution time, but you won't be able to login to this server.

Can I use a different broker?
We are looking for other brokers that are compatible with our strategy. Some less regulated brokers seem to be working, but most trusted brokers not. When we have a new broker, we will enable it on the registration page.

What happens if I deposit or withdraw from my trading account?
Our system automatically changes your lot size according to your new balance and your risk setting.

Can I copy the trades to another account?
No, it is against our terms. One subscription is valid for one account only.

How is the lot size calculated?
In order to adjust the risk taken in the provider's account to yours, we use the following formula:
contract_size_ratio = provider_contract_size/follower_contract_size
balance_ratio = follower_balance/provider_balance
account_currency_ratio = follower_account_currency to provider_account_currency ratio

I noticed a missing trade on my trading account
If you are a client and have missing trades, please contact our support by replying to the registration email. This email contains all your user information, so they will identify you easily and get back to you shortly.

How do I cancel the service?
The PayPal payment is recurring, so you need to cancel it in your PayPal account. If you decide to cancel during your active subscription with no further copy, you can change the account password provided to you or move the risk slider to 0%.

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